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Artz N' Motion

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Service Description

Joy is often experienced Through “PLAY”. Therefore, Artz N’ Motion creates opportunities to experience Joy through Aesthetics (our senses; how we receive information). Artz N’ Motion uses Sensory, Art, And Literacy to reach intended goals. Sensory- Experiencing different textures and matter. • Building tolerance and the ability to attend; yielding the ability to withstand distractions for longer periods of time. Art-Utilizing varied opportunities in Art to create both Teacher directed and Child-directed Art experiences. • Teacher-Directed opportunities increases the child’s ability to follow directions for desired outcomes. • Child Focused Art allow exploration of one’s curiosity of how materials, matter mix in a safe space, with surprising outcomes. • Experiencing pride in one’s ability to create • Experiencing the freedom to express themselves safely • Ownership of one’s work. • Embracing the variety that Art offers Literacy-understanding Language and it’s varied uses. • Building Vocabulary • Receiving Information • Expressing Information received verbally • Learning my voice matters • Listening to others The Goal is that Literacy happens organically through the understanding of vocabulary applications with peers.

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